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Would you rather be working on an interesting, lucrative contract project for a top-notch company, or trying to find your next position by looking at hundreds of online job postings?  That’s what we thought. Temp Me Staffing has clients across the country who have current needs for candidates like you. Are you in one of the top demand categories?

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The toughest contract or temporary positions to fill are the ones in which we excel for both clients and candidates. Niche placements include IT contractors, engineers and project managers. We have openings for accounting and other financial professionals ranging from temporary bookkeepers and accounts payable/receivable experts, to credit and collections temporaries, staff accountants, and tax professionals. We’re always on the lookout for top candidates with HR, office management, and administrative expertise, not to mention call center and help desk pros.

We want to provide only the best talent to our clients, so we perform meticulous talent searches to find the most highly skilled, professional consultants available. There’s never a fee for you to join our database. The only payment – so to speak – is that you be among the best in your area of expertise.

Our managers learn your strengths, your skillsets, and your interests. We want to understand your goals, availability, ability to travel, and areas of expertise. When prime opportunities come along, we’ll know immediately which ones are right for you.

We don’t do a resume dump on our clients. We give them a short list of only the most well-suited candidates. If you make that list, you aren’t competing with dozens of consultants and the client is able to make a swift decision so we can put the consultant in place more quickly.

Additionally, you’ll have access to our full medical and dental benefits package.

Do you want prompt placement on lucrative, interesting projects with great companies? Get to better work, fast. Send us your resume today.

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